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When your rights are at risk because of a wrongful ruling, you want an experienced appellate lawyer on your side.

Many law firms often overlook the importance of appellate law or do not staff attorneys versed in this matter. But at Wilson Law Office, LLC, we can help. Even if a ruling did not go in your favor, there is still hope, and Wilson Law Office is here to fight for a better ruling for you.

What Is Appellate Law?

After a case has gone to court and been tried, there is still a chance the ruling can be changed by the losing party. They can appeal the verdict. An attorney who practices appellate law is one who takes these appeals to court and argues for the case to be reconsidered. This can be done at state or federal levels.

Beyond that, this subset of law focuses on correcting errors made by trial judges in the initial cases. Illinois appellate lawyers work on changing the rulings of lower court decisions. Their dedication helps to contribute to the evolving understandings of the statutory laws in place.

What makes this type of practice unappealing to many attorneys is the challenge. The lawyer would be beginning a case that has already been lost. Overturning rulings and securing successful appeals take a lot of effort, time, and experience. The success of an appeal is not determined simply by one outcome. An appeal could lead to anything from a reversal of a trial decision, a modification of a trial court award, to a new trial.

At Wilson Law Office, LLC, we are not scared of a challenge—we eagerly embrace it. For our work injury lawyers, personal injury, social security, and appellate law, our priority is fighting for a just ruling for your case. Don’t let a disappointing trial outcome get you down. Instead, call our office today to give yourself a fighting chance.


If you believe the decision of the trial court in your case was made in error, you may have recourse in the Appellate Court. Mark has represented many clients before the Appellate Court and is well versed in the formalities of legal brief writing and oral argument.

The appeals are handled on an hourly basis. Additionally, the client is responsible for payment of filing fees and costs pertaining to preparation of the record on appeal. Contact Mark if you are interested in discussing possible appellate representation.

Appellate Court cases personally handled include:

  • Bunting v. County of Peoria
  • Corn Belt Energy Corp. v. Lind
  • Destri v. Vandermeersch Lawn Service
  • Fenwick v. Area Wide Septic Services
  • French v. Oak State Products
  • Monterey Mushrooms v. Mendez
  • Rexroad v. City of Springfield
  • Reynolds v. Otto Baum
  • Unique Delivery Services v. Gadison

Appellate attorneys begin by looking at everything from the very start of a case and fine-tooth combing it for details. They will refresh what they know of current case laws and how they apply to your specific case. From there, the real appeals process begins. The lawyer will create persuasive briefs and appeals documents to aid them in the task.

Using the newly created documents from the original case information, your lawyer will present the case in front of an appellate judge. The judge will decide how to proceed from there. With an experienced attorney, you might see a new trial or overturned conviction.

What sets appellate attorneys apart from other law practices is the research. Research and case knowledge is needed for any type of law or trial. However, building a convincing appeal is something else altogether. When your case is under review for an appeal, it’s important to remember that your attorney is not the first set of eyes to look it over. They are doing even more thorough and detailed research when preparing for an appeal.

If there is enough reasonable doubt or evidence, nearly any case can go through an appeals process. Whether it gets approved or leads anywhere depends entirely on the case files, the trial proceedings, and the experience of your appellate lawyer. That’s why finding someone who knows how it works is so important.

The most effective appellate lawyers are also trial lawyers. They understand how initial trials proceed and how that can affect the appeals process. Attorneys with this knowledge can use it for better research and persuasive arguments.

Appellate law is all about ensuring that justice served is as fair as possible. An appeal can lead to a new trial with a different jury who may see something that the original jury did not. It could also lead to an overturned conviction, depending on what the appeals process finds. That is why attorneys well-versed in research and close study of trial documents are so important to this process. They know how to see the details, investigate the laws, and determine if the law is truly fair.

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At Wilson Law Office, LLC, the focus is on giving you, the client, the best possible outcome. Our firm has had experience with trial cases before. Appellate law requires a lot of time, patience, and effort, and we are here to provide that for you.

If you need representation in Illinois, contact the Wilson Law Office, LLC. We are proud to provide experienced legal services. Mark Wilson has multiple decades of experience with trial law and appeals. He will provide thorough legal counsel and scour your case file and trial documents to give you the best chance for an appeal. Call the lawyers in Peru, Illinois at the Wilson Law Office, LLC. Use the contact form to get in touch with an appellate lawyer today.

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