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Why Hire A Workers’ Comp Lawyer

Mark Wilson

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When someone is injured on the job, receiving a lump sum settlement after being faced with medical bills, lost wages, and various other hardships sounds much more appealing than having to deal with the complicated process of filing a workers’ comp claim, and possibly a subsequent appeal. However, in the long run it may not be in your best interest as the claimant to agree on a settlement too quickly, or without consulting a qualified attorney to help you understand precisely what you are owed.

What is A Workers’ Comp Settlement

A settlement is either a single lump sum of money, or a sum that is paid to the injured party through an installment plan, such as over a period of months. If a claimant accepts a settlement, it is the equivalent of settling a claim by relinquishing certain benefits.

If you choose to accept a settlement, depending on the severity of your work related injuries, it could cost you significant losses in the long run. For example, should you require ongoing/future medical care following the settlement, the settlement amount may not be able to cover the expenses. Other factors to consider can include things like pre-injury wages, the severity of the injury, whether you will be able to do the same job you did before, if you will need training to undertake a new position, rehabilitation, etc.

Additionally, if any conflicting evidence is left unexamined, this could mean any third party responsible for the accident may be released from liability. Equipment manufacturers, property owners, or other parties who may have contributed to the accident can fall under the radar if a settlement is accepted too quickly by the injured party.

Without consulting a qualified workers’ compensation attorney in Illinois, your injury claim could be settled without your future expenses and needs in mind. Prior to accepting a settlement offer, it is always wise to reach out to an attorney you can trust to ensure you receive fair, complete compensation. This is especially true for workers’ comp multiple injury settlements.

An Illinois Workers Compensation Attorney You Can Trust

When you are seeking a reliable, experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in Illinois, Attorney Mark M. Wilson is here to help. With over 20 years worth of experience in personal injury law and workers’ compensation claims, the team at Wilson Law Office knows precisely how to make sure you get the compensation you deserve. Contact us today to discuss your case.

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Mark Wilson is an excellent attorney who pays personal attention. He won't make promises he can't keep. He tells it like it is. He will fight to get you the best that he can. The best part, though, is the personal attention you receive. He is always there to answer your questions, whether in person, e-mail, or phone. He specializes in worker's compensation--so if you have a worker's compensation case in Illinois, give him a call. I'm sure he will be happy to review the case with you and tell you what he thinks.

Kyle D.

Chicago IL

I have no complaints. I had to find my own lawyer to represent my case. I found Wilson Law. Very professional. Helped understand everything along the way. I am ever so thankful and appreciate them taking and accepting my case. If it wasn't for them, I don't know where I would be. So if anyone is looking for a lawyer for their personal case. I highly recommend Mr. Mark Wilson. And his secretary Kris. Very polite, very patient, and helped me as much as possible. So, thank you guys. I'm very satisfied, and very greatful.

David M.

Chicago IL

I'm recommending Mark Wilson to everyone. If I had concerns, questions, or was in panic mode, this firm put my mind to ease. In the end, this Firm, Mark Wilson LLC, got me everything I asked of him. Mark & his Secretary are very professional in what they do.

Martin B.

Chicago IL

Definitely would recommend Mark Wilson to anyone who’s looking for a great lawyer! Very knowledgeable, honest, reliable and compassionate. He helped me win my disability case. He truly cares about you receiving the benefits that you deserve. Is a very good listener and explained the steps of the process leading up to the hearing with the judge. Mark’s assistant Chris was always very courteous, friendly and helpful. After being denied twice on my own Mark was confident he would be able to help me receive my benefits.

Rachel S.

Chicago IL

From the very beginning, Mark answered all of my questions (there were many) but he gave me a feeling of confidence. After my very first appointment, I just knew I was in good hands for my workers comp. We are truly thankful for all of Mark’s dedication and hard work.​

Ronald W.

Marseilles, IL

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